Native speaker of american english





     I was born in Australia and lived in Singapore for a few years. I then studied in America for twelve years before moving to Taiwan. I majored in Economics, Management Science at University of California, San Diego.

          I have been a teacher in Taiwan for three years with one year of teaching experience in California. My unique experiences in life allow me to bring effective lessons and guidance to my students. I have a broad knowledge

         of different cultures and up to date practical know how’s that will help students become top competitors in our fast evolving world.       

           I am teacher and a mentor. I work to guide my students both in book knowledge and life wisdoms. My lesson plans are unique for each student and adjust accordingly.  My classes not only give students the right tools to

        achieve their educational goals, but also creates an environment that facilitates growth in self-confidence, attitude and character.  I help students shape a mindset that strengthens their ability to manage and alleviate test  

        taking pressures. These foundations are essential aspects of my teaching philosophy. The mindset and skills students learn in my class will continue to be useful in all future challenges.

       I maintain relationships with most of my students even after they complete their classes. My students understand that I will always be available to them as a resource. I appreciate every student’s hard work and am thankful

       for the opportunity to work alongside them. The growth and long term success of my students fuel my passion for teaching.


         Rex was having trouble breaking 1800 on the old SAT test. After only four classes with me we were able to find the solution to his problem. We worked vigorously to get him over 1910 on the old SAT test. Rex will be studying 

         at University of California Davis, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.


        Ian started class with me after taking some time off after college. He didn't use much English in his school courses so he had forgotten almost all his English. He lacked confidence and was afraid of not performing well on the test. We started from ground 

        zero and I helped him build a strong foundation. He felt his limit was in the 70's. After studying with solid discipline and adhering to my guidance, my student went into the test confident and scored 85. It was something he thought he could never accomplish. 

        Ian will be attending University of Southern California for his Master's Degree in Business Management. 


        Andrew took my class to learn the NEW SAT. He had classes with me for only two months, and my teaching style combined with my student's own hard work allowed him to overcome the pressures and stresses of test taking. Andrew scored 1400 on the test. 

        College board ranked him in the 97th percentile, meaning he scored in the top 3% when compared with all current students around the world.

        I am proud of all my students. Getting high scores is very important but the progress and hard work to achieve these scores are just as, if not more important. The growth of students as individuals has the greatest long term value.      



         老師都會要求學生在上課前交一篇Essay (含先前寫過的,或是近期有寫過的都可以),因為老師可以直接透過文章來分析學生本身的英文程度,像是語意詞彙以及文法時態。 課堂上,
         除了題型測驗、高頻率字彙總複習之外,口說部分,老師會給學生一個特定主題請學生聽完錄音帶指示及問題後,回答問題老師當場針對錯誤的部分給予糾正 (時態用法與口說發音)。

   2015 - 2016 近期學生考試榜單:

        楊同學  一個月短期教導  舊制 SAT  總成績 1910 分
同學  二個月短期教導  新制 SAT  總成績: 1400分 
 同學  四個月短期教導  TOEFL  總成績: 85 分 

           賀 ~ Ashley  同學  二個月短期教導   GED 全科通過!

           賀 ~ Cheryl  同學  七個月短期教導   GED 全科通過!

           賀 ~ Rudy    同學  七個月短期教導   GED 全科通過!

           狂賀 ~ Stanley 同學  二個月短期輔導  TOEFL  總成績: 100 分